Monday, April 29, 2013

And To All A Goodnight!

So as promised, I headed back to the Design House to complete my space.

Not without a little interruption from the circuit breaker that tripped twice while I was vacuuming. And then the deadbolt on the French doors in my room stuck and we had to keep running up the spiral staircase, through the house, and around the side yard to the circuit breaker that was right outside my room! But the exercise did us good!

A little teaser pic of my Design House room is below, but only one, so that you will all come and see this incredible house that 20+ designers worked on to benefit Shelter for Help in Emergency! It opens on Saturday, May 4th!
The Entertainment Room of the Cville Design House 2013

A pic from my hood! I snapped it on my way home tonight.

So the day ends! And to all a good night!

Until next time..

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