Monday, April 29, 2013

Design House Prep

A beautiful rainy day in Albemarle! Honestly, sometimes I think this county is more lovely under an overcast sky with the trees and green hills damp and lush from a fresh rainfall then on a sunny day.

So off I went this morning to run errands and tidy up any last minute fixings at the Cville Design House ( Our preview night is this Thursday and everything must be completed by 8:00 pm tonight.

But my first stop was to drop in and see my friend Ellen Beard of Patina Antiques, etc. at her new 1112 High Street, Charlottesville location. WOW! What a great new shop! Be sure to run by and have a look! (Or you can visit her at her original Ivy Rd. location). The new space is in a wonderful old house filled with natural light from large windows, warm wood floors and arched doorways. The rooms are set up like a house, so you can really envision the pieces in your own home. Ellen has a treasure trove of interesting pickings (many of which I used in my design house space). What a pity I didn't think to snap a quick pic of Ellen's happy, banana yellow, arched entry door! It made you want to run through it and spend, spend, spend!

Then I was off to the Design House in Farmington only to have my efforts thwarted by repairs in my room right where I was planning to complete some last minute adjustments! Okay, change of plans! 7 1/2 hours and counting to completion, but there wasn't anything else for me to attend to there, so on I went. (If you get the feeling that I spend a lot of time cruising the county in my car, you wouldn't be wrong!).

Next I was in search of an easel to display some gorgeous artwork on loan to me for the Design House from photographer Robert Llewellyn (

In another post I will detail the beg, borrowing, but not stealing, of collecting one's pieces for the Design House space. What a shame I didn't drop twenty pounds from all the running around. But it is for a very worthwhile cause and the staff and volunteers at the shelter are just dears! So you do what you need to do to get your room done.

All right, so back at home and waiting for the call that I can return to my Design House space and complete the work. I'll try to post of few teaser pics later of my room.

Until next time...

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  1. Wow, the photography is beautiful! Thanks for putting up the link. Wish you had pics of the other places you visited as well. Can't wait to see the design house photos for your room.