Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Creating a Garden Room

Let's create a garden room!

First step, find a picture of a room that inspires you.

I found this one recently. Love the interesting ceiling finish, the color palette of the room and the chair fabric. Even though the room is a bit grand, I like the mood of the space.

Next, set out on a road trip to your favorite nursery or specialty gardening store.

Here's one of my favorite haunts. Have you ever been there?

I'm seeing miniature furniture pieces everywhere. They are great for accessorizing bookcases, shelves, or a secretary desk in a garden room.

Mirrors expand a space, and the verdi finish on this one adds to the gardening theme.

This faux stone lamp has just the right texture for our room. It would be perfect in a pair on a distressed wood table.

And how about this lovely daybed? A great place to snuggle up and read a book.

This metal secretary would be a unique touch to the room as well.

And of course you need a pretty little fabric!

Okay, you can take it from here! Let me know what else you find!

Until next time...

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