Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodbye White Trim!

For many people white trim is the standard. Now, don't get me wrong, white trim has it's place. But there are certainly a host of other hues that can be more exciting.

And lately, it seems you can't pick up a magazine without seeing a monochromatic wall scheme (where walls and trim are painted one color).  It's a fabulous look and I have to admit I plan on using it in my own home.

Using a monochromatic look envelopes a room in color and essentially creates a canvas on which to create your design. It can be used to create dramatic rooms or soothing rooms.  Traditional spaces or contemporary.

Let's have a look!

The inky blue walls in this traditional room create a great backdrop for the red velvet chairs and multi-colored carpet.  Had the window and wall trim been painted white, the lines of the room would have been broken up and not yielded such an enveloping effect.
You probably didn't think about white walls and white trim being a monochromatic room, but they are. Whenever my clients have trouble imaging their room being painted in one color, I ask them to picture a white room. Now image the walls and trim painted one color. How about green?

Now here's that green room I asked you to imagine. Not so scary after all! People have a difficult time giving up their white trim, but as this room shows, a monochromatic room can create a private oasis.
Here's a bedroom with a quiet palette. See how the color wraps the room in softness?
On the other hand, a glossy red hue can create a very dramatic high-energy effect.
A wonderfully masculine room draped in a charcoal hue.
A spring green hue creates a cheery traditional office space.
Pale green walls create a soft and airy living room.
This monochromatic scheme wraps the space in color! The rug easily becomes a focal point. Had the wainscoting been painted white, the carpet would not have been as dramatic.

Hope this gives you some new design ideas!
Until next time...

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