Monday, December 9, 2013

All Dressed Up for Christmas

My dear friend, Jennie, of 20 plus years, emailed me concerning my latest post and my declaration about "who needs flashy gift paper when they can use craft paper instead!?" 

Well apparently, I should rethink that thought as my friend's gifts to me were to be delivered in what other than... flashy gift paper! So this post is for friendship's sake!

Let us embrace traditional wrap! 

Starting with this smart green velvet ribbon and sweet polka dot paper.

Next up, how can it be Christmas without green satin bows?! 
(Note the nice craft paper gift at the bottom of the pic!)

And let us not forget red velvet ribbon and toile paper, plus a cute little stripe. 
(Let's just agree to ignore the plastic red ribbon.)

Love this map paper and green bow for traveler friends.

Well, it may not be flashy, but it sure is pretty!

Clever is as clever does! Perfect for your architect and interior design friends.
And a smart way to recycle old blueprints!

I had to sneak this craft paper one in. Simple, yet so cheery!

So there you have it! More gift wrapping ideas
to inspire even the traditionalists among us!
Until next time...

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