Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Au Naturale Noel

One of the gifts of living in the country is the ever present reminder of nature's bounty. On my daily walks, I am surrounded by each season's beauty. The late fall and winter yield a treasure trove ripe for holiday decorating.
Pine cones a plenty make for warm and woodsy wreaths. 

Bows need not apply to this interesting assortment of cones large and small! 

A snappy plaid bow and assortment of acorns are thrown into this pinecone mix.

Even the tiniest of cones can be gathered together into a wreath.

Unadorned greens are spun into wreaths and nestled into a simple jar vase.

A little Swedish flavor...

Show them you care with handmade giftwrapping paper.

A little birdie told me that your friends and family would 
prefer this over candy cane paper and red ribbon.

Don't be surprised if they refuse to open their gifts!

There is no end to what one can do with brown craft paper!

A map, a button, and red thread (got a better use for that 10-year old atlas?!)

Great little sacks for stocking stuffers.

I suppose you could use foil paper and glittery bows..nah!

Recycle your newspaper into nifty giftwrap... 

A little red berry cheer...

It doesn't get any easier...twigs, twine, and canning jars!

Like the sign merry!

Now, you could always run out and buy splashy, flashy, decorations
 and wrapping paper, but why would you?!

Until next time...


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