Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cville Design House Prep Work

Here is a sneak peak at my color palette and design inspiration for the Child's Bedroom and Bath at this year's Cville Design House.

Remember Frog and Toad are Friends? And The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? I've been poking through local used bookstores looking for old copies of classic children's books, so that I can have the illustrations framed for my design space.

The cute little elephants in the top right corner of my photo are wooden hooks that I've purchased from World Market. World Market has some wonderful finds! Be sure to check out the store if you haven't shopped there before.

My friend Peggy was kind enough to lend me numerous beautiful dolls and children's items for my room. The Peter Rabbit plate in the lower right corner is from her. The plate is resting on top of my ottoman fabric. A lovely velvet whose color is called "Tangelo."

The flame stitch fabric on on the lower center is for a chair that Calico Home is allowing me to borrow. Without our local vendor's assistance, I'm afraid we designers would have a heck of a time pulling our rooms together. Here's a pic of the chair.

This fabric is known as a flame stitch because as you can see, it looks like a flame. This is a contemporary flame stitch. This style was a staple in traditional rooms, but disappeared for awhile. This is a vibrant multihued version.

Well, that's my Design House update for today! 

 Ps. Here is a picture of my assistant, Oliver, helping me to select lighting for my client, Mrs. Hawkins. He sleeps a lot on the job and monkeys around with the computer, but, he does show up every day and is quite loyal.

Until next time...

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  1. Can't wait to see "your room" and the Design House this year!