Monday, April 20, 2015

A Fun Read!

When I was a student studying architecture, I was introduced to Frank Lloyd Wright's work as the main school of thought for my studies (when you study architecture, whatever university you're enrolled in will teach to a well-known architect's particular style.). My college's school of thought was Wright's.

Therefore I was delighted when I recently came across T.C. Boyle's book The Women, which is based on the women in Frank Lloyd Wright's life. I met T.C. Boyle several years ago when I worked as a Community Relations Manager for Barnes & Noble in Denver. Boyle was friendly and kind (not all authors are). Anyway, here's a look at some of Wright's well-known work and the cover of Boyle's novel. Happy reading!

Frank Lloyd Wright

Cheney House in Oak Park, Illinois

Falling Water in Bear Run, Pennsylvania

The Guggenheim Art Museum, New York

If you've never visited a building of Wright's, do so and
 allow yourself to be wowed by an architectural genius.

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