Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cville Design House 2015 Photos

 Yay, here are my official Cville Design House 2015 Pix. Official meaning I paid someone to take these so that you, dear readers, did not have to tolerate my dark and out of focus prints.

Yours truly hiked herself up a 20' ladder to steam these linen window treatments 
(and actually lived to blog about it).

Love the little Jockey painting by Helen Hilliard! (So much so that I bought it!)
How do you like my dress form lamp? Nifty, huh?

The lovely bar was compliments of the Richmond Ethan Allen.
Every year they generously lend me items for my space.

 Sadly my collection of magnifying glasses
are no longer for aesthetic pleasures only... 
Oh, for the days of 20/20 vision. 
Is it me or has the oatmeal raisin recipe on the Quaker Oats box gotten smaller?

"I cannot live without books," Thomas Jefferson
Oh, how right you are Tom!

 Don't you just love these old leather bound books? 
It makes reading so much more lovely.
I'm currently rereading Shakespeare. Oh, summer reading fun...

More of Helen Hilliard's lovely paintings...

Artwork and books, one never has enough of either!

Until next time...

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